neomento develops virtual reality therapy solutions for the treatment of mental disorders. In our solution, the so called in virtuo exposure therapy, patients are confronted with their fears and addictions in virtual reality.

Exposure therapy is extremly challenging and most effectively done by direct exposure. This, on the other hand is time-consuming, intricate and hardly feasible. Hence it is seldomly done by therapists which has the consequence, that many patients do not receive the most effective treatment.

The neomento virtual reality therapy solution can change that, as it is proven to be highly effective and can be easily applied.


neomento VR therapy solutions offer various features for the benefit of therapists and patients:

  • Large variety of highly-realistic virtual exposure scenarios
  • Fully controllable by the therapist
  • Adaptable to the needs of individual patients
  • Real-time biodata recording and analysis
  • Integrated biofeedback therapy


The neomento VR therapy software suite has been developed in close cooperation with renowned research institutions and clinics. It is easy to use and tailored to the needs and demands of clinics and therapists. This generates a variety of benefits:

  • Time and cost-efficient exposure therapy
  • Effectivity validated through research and clinical trials
  • Objective biodata to assess treatment progress and increase patients motivation
  • Expand therapeutic possibilities by conducting biofeedback therapy in VR
  • Reduced relapse rates, higher compliance
  • Reduced risk of developing comorbid disorders


neomento is a spin-off project of the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases, a research institution within the Helmholtz Association.

We continuously implement research results in product development processes to achieve high quality solutions. The interdisciplinary team with a strong research background consists of clinical psychologists, VR software developers, 3D Artists, biomedical engineers, medical doctors, neuroscientists and business managers. Every member of the team obtains years of experience and a strong track record. Additionally, neomento has access to an extensive network of clinical partners, research institutions and advisors.

The project neomento is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy within the framework of EXIST Transfer of Research.